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Exclusion of liability

Legal notice

Non-binding nature of the information on the website

In principle, no material on the website or in marketing-emails from Zanetti & Partners AG is binding for us with regard to a visitor to the website or a reader of marketing-emails. A binding offer will be clearly described as such and to be binding, must have a valid signature.

Exclusion of liability

Zanetti & Partners AG disclaims liability for any information which is accessible on or via the website or in the marketing-emails of Zanetti & Partners AG.

Zanetti & Partners AG does not have any control over information which is stored, in particular; on external servers, servers accessible by the public, Usenet News servers, discussion forums, chatrooms etc.

The information contained on the website of Zanetti & Partners AG may be amended at any time without notice.

Zanetti & Partners AG cannot guarantee that the information published on the website is complete or current. The visitor bears the risk associated with use of such information.


It is to be assumed that the information contained in the website or in marketing-emails from Zanetti & Partners AG is copyright protected and its use for commercial purposes is only permitted with the written consent of the copyright holder and upon receipt of corresponding remuneration.

Data protection

Data protection is important to us. This document, in connection with our website and emails, sets out how we process data. Personal data may be captured when receiving or requesting updated information on our services over the internet.

In our processing of personal data we will comply with Swiss data protection and telecommunications law.

Client data

When you visit our website or send us an email, information is stored. Certain data is given by you on registration for our services, e.g. name, address and areas of interest. Other non-personal data, such as IP-addresses may be stored as a result of the technical process. We only use this data in the performance of our services and for our own marketing.

Links to other service providers

Our website and our emails may contain links to other service providers. We have no control over the way in which the service providers manage the information displayed on these linked websites. If you have any questions about this, please contact these third parties directly. We are not responsible for their compliance with data protection law or the content of these websites.


The views and opinions which are published here do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Zanetti & Partners AG.

Zanetti & Partners AG and its associates do not accept any responsibility and will not accept any implied responsibility for loss or damage caused to persons acting or procuring others to act on the basis of information contained on this website no matter whether such loss or damage is caused by negligence or otherwise.

The opinions published, expressed and summarized here are no substitute for reading complete texts of the associated relevant literature. The opinions expressed are not necessarily applicable to the specific circumstances of any company. Companies should consult the full texts and their accounting and legal advisors for advice.

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